WindyBlocks product update 0.2

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - Reading time: 1 minutes.

Update 0.2 brings 23 new Tailwind CSS components to WindyBlocks. This brings the total number of components to 50! I received good feedback from the first early adopters, with this information I can make WindyBlocks even better!

Windyblocks update 02

Let’s take a closer look on what new Tailwind components are added in this update.

Call to action components

Windyblocks update 02 - CTA

Feature components

Windyblocks update 02 - Features
Windyblocks update 02 - Navigation

Pricing components

Windyblocks update 02 - Pricing

Team components

Windyblocks update 02 - Team

Testimonial components

Windyblocks update 02 - Testimonial

I really hope that you like this update and that it makes you even faster while building your Tailwind CSS Projects. The next update is planned for the end of February and will include new Hero, Content and portfolio components.

If you have any questions about WindyBlocks? Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or chat. If you want to order Windyblocks or preview the components? Checkout the product WindyBlocks page.

Written by Frank Spin @frankspin
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