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Premium Admin Template for Tailwind CSS

Comes with 191 fully designed pages, packed with hand-crafted components, all in a beautiful consistent styling. There is no better way to start building your next project with Tailwind CSS.

Tailwind CSS admin theme - AirControl by
modern technology

Simple to understand and easy to customize admin theme

Fully responsive and made with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js


All designs are fully responsive and carefully designed, tested and implement to scale on every screen size.

Tailwind CSS V3

AirControl is made with the latest version of Tailwind CSS. Tailwind is the most popular choice for any modern developer who loves efficiency.

Alpine.js V3

Like jQuery, but for the modern web. Used for the all the UI interactions. Easy to replace with a JS framework of your own liking.


Beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons, by the makers of Tailwind CSS - MIT licensed (230 icons). Feel free to replace them with your own icon-set.


Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers. Great rendering performance across all modern browsers.


Images used in AirControl are freely-usable. All credits goes to the corresponding creators. Feel free to replace them with your own images.
unique designs

AirControl brings a much needed breeze of fresh air to Tailwind CSS

Don’t get me wrong - Tailwind UI looks great. But so great that every Tailwind CSS project needs to look this way? You and your customers will appreciate the unique look and feel that AirControl brings to Tailwind CSS. Use AirControl to start building your next amazing projects.

Tailwind CSS admin theme - AirControl by
Instant Timesaver

Double your development efficiency with AirControl

Simply download AirControl to your local machine. Open it in your browser and start browsing the library of fully designed pages.

Tailwind CSS admin theme - AirControl by

Preview, Copy And Paste

Start browsing AirControls collection of high-quality fully designed pages. When you found the right design for your project, simply copy the designs source code and paste it into your project.
Tailwind CSS admin theme - AirControl by

Create your own Admin Dashboard in minutes

We encourage you to be creative and combine components from our designed pages to create brand new designs. Pick your favourite components and add them to your project. All designed pages have their corresponding components listed as snippets that you can easily copy.
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Live Previews

Take a sneak peek at our beautiful professionally designed pages. We've divided our designs in multiple easy to recognize categories.

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Authentication / Sign in

Authentication / Register

Authentication / Password

Authentication / Two Factor

Authentication / Messages


About AirControl for Tailwind CSS

AirControl is the largest Premium Admin Template for Tailwind CSS. It comes with all the pages and elements you need for building your next web application or Admin Dashboard. With 22 different categories of fully designed pages their is always a screen that fits your project.

With AirControl you allow yourself to develop with super powers. Quickly copy/paste elements of our pre-designed pages into your admin dashboard. Save enormous amounts of time and money for yourself and your team with AirControl.


Is AirControl the right choice for me?
AirControl is made for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who want to save time during the development of their online projects. AirControl includes all the designs you need to build an Admin Dashboard or online web application. It’s a great fit for SaaS companies, freelancers and development teams.

Is technical knowledge required?
Yes, to implement AirControl into your project you have to understand the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There is no technical knowledge required to browse or install the product library on your local machine.

Does AirControl ships with JavaScript?
AirControl does include JavaScript. It’s made with Alpine.js. Alpine.js is an easy to use small JavaScript library. However feel free to use your own favorite JS framework, like React or Vue.js. When using another JavaScript framework you have to manually implement it.

Do I have to pay for future updates? If you buy a AirControl product license today you get all upcoming updates for free. We add new screens to AirControl on a bi-weekly basis

Is AirControl a page builder?
No! We don’t believe that page builders are an efficient way to create serious projects. Working in your trusty code editor is way more efficient.

Why does the source-code in the live previews looks funny?
All code in our previews are randomized and minified. We have to do this to prevent people from stealing our code. And we still love to offer live previews to our customers before buying our products. Don’t worry our products are made with vanilla Tailwind CSS.

Is AirControl an official Tailwind Labs LLC product?
AirControl is not associated with Tailwind Labs LLC. AirControl is developed by and based on the open-source Tailwind CSS framework.

Is there a React version of AirControl?
Currently there is no React version of AirControl. We know that React is a popular choice for many developers, but we first want to focus on adding new designs to AirControl.

Does AirControl have a VSCode plugin
No, currently we don’t have a plugin for VSCode.

Does AirControl come with a license?
Yes, see our licenses page for more information.

Does AirControl supports dark mode?
Currently AirControl doesn’t support dark mode. But this is definitely something that we like to add in the future.

Is there a Figma or Sketch version available?
Currently there is now Figma or Sketch version available. We are considering creating a Figma version when all sections are filled with designs.

If have another question, how do I contact you?
Please send us an email at [email protected]

What is currently included:

The following Tailwind CSS components, elements and pages are currently included with AirControl. We are in the progress of adding new designs and components on a bi-weekly schedule.

Sections that have fully designed pages:

  • 🟩 Authentication - Sign in
  • 🟩 Authentication - Register
  • 🟩 Authentication - Password reset/forgot
  • 🟩 Authentication - Two factor
  • 🟩 Authentication - Messages
  • 🟩 Projects
  • 🟩 Profiles
  • 🟩 Messaging
  • 🟩 Pages
  • 🟩 Subscriptions
  • 🟩 Layouts
  • 🟩 Support
  • 🟩 Accounts
  • 🟩 Modals
  • 🟩 Dashboards
  • 🟩 Widgets

Sections that are currently in the making:

  • 🟦 Teams
  • 🟦 Social
  • 🟦 Users
  • 🟦 Documentation
  • 🟦 E-commerce
  • 🟦 Errors

How is AirControl structured?

When you buy AirControl, you get access to a downloadable zip file. This zip file contains a library with all fully designed pages that comes with AirControl. You don’t need to install anything to use AirControl. Simply open the main index.html file in your browser and start exploring all the great designs that AirControl offers.

AirControl file structure

After you open the index.html file in your browser, you are presented with AirControls changelog. Here you can see what screens are recently added to the latest version of AirControl. In the sidebar on the right, you can see all categories that currently filled with designs.

AirControl file structure

Let’s explore what screens are present in the projects category. Click on projects in the sidebar and an overview page with all fully designed project pages appears. You now have the option to open a design directly in the browser. If you want to do this; click on the direct link.

AirControl file structure

However, a better option would be to click on the image. This takes you to directly to the design overview page. Here you can preview the design and the corresponding components.

AirControl file structure

Copy the full page or individual elements into your project. It’s your choice and there is no right or wrong way of doing things.

What about source files?

AirControl doesn’t come with any specific source files. We encourage you to use the latest version of the following libraries in your projects.

Tailwind CSS V3.x

AirControl is made with Tailwind CSS 3.x. To learn all about installing Tailwind CSS for your project, visit the official documentation.


To learn how to install alpine.js in your project, visit the official documentation. AirControl is currently using Alpine.js version 3.x


If you need charts in your projects, install the latest version of chart.js. Visit the official documentation for install notes.


AirControl uses heroicons. If you want to add more icons to AirControl, please visit the heroicons website.

Inter font

AirControl uses the free to use Inter Font. To download the latest version please visit the official Google fonts website

Tailwind Plugins

AirControl uses only official Tailwind CSS plugins to extend the default behavior of Tailwind CSS.


The official Tailwind CSS Typography plugin provides a set of prose classes you can use to add beautiful typographic defaults to any vanilla HTML you don’t control, like HTML rendered from Markdown, or pulled from a CMS.


A plugin that provides a basic reset for form styles that makes form elements easy to override with utilities.


Utilities for controlling the aspect ratio of an element.


To learn more about customizing Tailwind CSS please visit the official documentation.

const { maxWidth} = require('tailwindcss/defaultTheme');
const colors = require('tailwindcss/colors')

module.exports = {
  content: [


  theme: {
    extend: {

      fontFamily: {
        'sans': 'Inter, sans-serif'
      colors: {
        'gray' : colors.slate

      fontSize: {
        'xxs': '.7rem',
        'sm' : '.9rem'
  plugins: [


See the changes we make to AirControl, the Admin theme for Tailwind CSS. We started work in July 2021 and planning to have designs in all categories by July 2022. If you buy a product license today you get all upcoming updates for free.

Update #13 - Released April 5

  • widgets/alerts.html
  • widgets/users.html
  • widgets/tables.html
  • widgets/stats.html
  • widgets/projects.html
  • widgets/forms.html
  • widgets/files.html
  • widgets/charts.html
  • widgets/activity.html
  • messages/full-width-chat.html
  • messages/full-width-message.html
  • messages/chat-with-profile.html

Update #12 - Released March 16

  • Fixed formatting bugs
  • Fixed copying snippets
  • Fixed performance issues
  • Re-introduced code snippets
  • dashboards/sales.html
  • dashboards/crm.html
  • profiles/profile-social.html
  • profiles/profile-alternative.html

Update #11 - Released February 21

  • Updated Manual
  • Safari Bug fixes
  • widgets/headings.html
  • dashboards/analytics-dashboard.html
  • dashboards/projects-dashboard.html

Update #10 - Released February 8 2022

  • modals/modal-form.html
  • modals/modal-map.html
  • modals/modal-card.html
  • modals/modal-projects.html
  • modals/modal-team.html
  • modals/modal-share.html
  • messaging/message-with-sidebar.html
  • messaging/full-width-inbox-sidebar.html
  • messaging/inbox-sidebar.html
  • messaging/chat-drawer.html
  • messaging/notifications.html
  • messaging/group-chat.html

Update #9 - Released January 22 2022

  • Fixed performance issue bug in the screen gallery
  • Removed code preview due performance issues
  • Updated styling to be more consistent
  • account/billing.html
  • account/referrals.html
  • account/api.html
  • account/integrations.html
  • account/overview.html
  • account/edit.html
  • account/security.html
  • account/notifications.html

Update #8 - Released December 30 2021

  • Upgrade to Tailwind V3
  • widgets/headings.html

Update #7 - Released December 9 2021

  • support/faq-item.html
  • support/faq-simple.html
  • support/faq-toggle-cards.html
  • support/faq-toggle-toggle.html
  • support/knowledge-dashboard-alternative.html
  • support/knowledge-dashboard.html
  • support/knowledge-page.html
  • layouts/double-stacked-container.html
  • layouts/double-stacked-dark.html
  • layouts/double-stacked-variation.html
  • layouts/double-stacked-widths.html
  • layouts/double-stacked.html
  • layouts/sidebar-dark-mini-plus.html
  • layouts/sidebar-dark-mini-secondary.html
  • layouts/sidebar-dark-mini.html
  • layouts/sidebar-dark-toggle.html

Update #6 - Released November 26 2021

  • subscriptions/subscriptions-table.html
  • subscriptions/pricing.html
  • subscriptions/pricing-table.html
  • subscriptions/pricing-simple.html
  • subscriptions/invoice-public.html
  • subscriptions/invoice-public-simple.html
  • subscriptions/invoice-details.html
  • pages/aboutus.html
  • pages/contact.html
  • pages/joboffer.html
  • pages/license.html
  • pages/post.html
  • pages/posts.html
  • pages/sitemap.html
  • pages/team.html
  • Safari bug fixes

Update #5 - Released November 7 2021

  • profiles/profile-connections-alternative.html
  • profiles/profile-teams.html
  • profiles/profile-groups.html
  • profiles/profile-connections.html
  • projects/project-create.html
  • projects/project-budget.html
  • projects/project-settings.html
  • projects/project-detail.html
  • projects/project-dashboard.html
  • projects/project-tasks.html
  • projects/project-members.html
  • projects/project-files-alternative.html
  • projects/project-activity.html

Update #4 - Released October 7 2021

  • authentication/message-verify.html
  • authentication/message-password.html
  • authentication/message-logout.html
  • authentication/message-verify-cover-alternative.html
  • authentication/message-password-cover-alternative.html
  • authentication/message-logout-cover-alternative.html
  • authentication/message-verify-split.html
  • authentication/message-password-split.html
  • authentication/message-logout-split.html
  • authentication/message-verify-simple.html
  • authentication/message-password-simple.html
  • authentication/message-logout-simple.html
  • authentication/message-verify-sidebar.html
  • authentication/message-password-sidebar.html
  • authentication/message-logout-sidebar.html
  • authentication/message-verify-plain.html
  • authentication/message-password-plain.html
  • authentication/message-logout-plain.html
  • authentication/message-verify-image.html
  • authentication/message-password-image.html
  • authentication/message-logout-image.html
  • authentication/message-verify-header.html
  • authentication/message-password-header.html
  • authentication/message-logout-header.html
  • authentication/message-verify-cover.html
  • authentication/message-password-cover.html
  • authentication/message-logout-cover.html
  • authentication/message-verify-column.html
  • authentication/message-password-column.html
  • authentication/message-logout-column.html
  • authentication/message-verify-bold.html
  • authentication/message-password-bold.html
  • authentication/message-logout-bold.html
  • authentication/message-verify-alternative.html
  • authentication/message-password-alternative.html
  • authentication/message-logout-alternative.html
  • authentication/twofactor.html
  • authentication/twofactor-cover-alternative.html
  • authentication/twofactor-split.html
  • authentication/twofactor-simple.html
  • authentication/twofactor-sidebar.html
  • authentication/twofactor-plain.html
  • authentication/twofactor-image.html
  • authentication/twofactor-header.html
  • authentication/twofactor-cover.html
  • authentication/twofactor-column.html
  • authentication/twofactor-bold.html
  • authentication/twofactor-alternative.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-split.html
  • authentication/password-reset-split.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-simple.html
  • authentication/password-reset-simple.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-sidebar.html
  • authentication/password-reset-sidebar.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-plain.html
  • authentication/password-reset-plain.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-image.html
  • authentication/password-reset-image.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-header.html
  • authentication/password-reset-header.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-cover.html
  • authentication/password-reset-cover.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-cover-alternative.html
  • authentication/password-reset-cover-alternative.html
  • authentication/password-reset-alternative.html
  • authentication/password-reset-bold.html
  • authentication/password-reset-column.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-column.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-bold.html
  • authentication/password-forgot-alternative.html
  • authentication/register.html
  • authentication/register-cover-alternative.html
  • authentication/register-split.html
  • authentication/register-simple.html
  • authentication/register-sidebar.html
  • authentication/register-plain.html
  • authentication/register-image.html
  • authentication/register-header.html
  • authentication/register-cover.html
  • authentication/register-column.html
  • authentication/register-bold.html
  • authentication/register-alternative.html
  • authentication/signin-user.html
  • authentication/signin-simple.html
  • authentication/signin-plain.html
  • authentication/signin-image.html
  • authentication/signin-header.html
  • authentication/signin-cover-alternative.html
  • authentication/signin-bold.html
  • messaging/inbox.html
  • messaging/private-chat.html

Update #3 - Released August 17 2021

  • projects/kanban.html
  • messaging/chat.html
  • authentication/signin-split.html
  • authentication/signin-alternative.html
  • authentication/signin-cover.html
  • authentication/twofactor.html

Update #2 - Released August 9 2021

  • profile/public.html
  • authentication/signin.html
  • authentication/signin-sidebar.html
  • authentication/signin-column.html
  • authentication/countdownn.html

Update #1 - Released July 31 2021

  • profile/myprofile/index.html
  • projects/cards/index.html
  • profile/overview/index.html
  • projects/files/index.html
  • projects/overview/index.html
  • projects/cards2/index.html