AirControl - Tailwind CSS Admin Theme

AirControl is a Premium Admin Theme for Tailwind CSS. It comes with 100+ designed pages and more than 300 handcrafted elements.

With AirControl you allow yourself to design with super powers. Quickly copy/paste elements or pre-designed pages into your projects. Save enormous amounts of time and money.

You have 3 options:

  1. Pre-order today for €99 and get access and pay on release date.
  2. Buy the All-Access Pass for €99 and get access to all our products and weekly AirControl developer builds. You pay today and get access to the first developer build on July 30.
  3. Follow the development on Twitter and buy AirControl on release date for €149

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What is included:

The following Tailwind CSS components, element and pages are included with AirControl:

  • 🟩 100 pages
  • 🟩 300 elements

Come back soon to see the (complete) list of pages when development build 1 is ready


Is AirControl for me?
AirControl target audiences are developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who want to save time during their next projects.

Is technical knowledge required?
Yes. You need a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to get the most out of AirControl. Experience with Tailwind CSS is recommended but not necessary.

Does AirControl ships with JavaScript?
AirControl does include JavaScript. It’s designed with Alpine.js, it’s easy to use. But feel free to use your own favorite JS framework.

Is AirControl a page builder?
No! We don’t believe that page builders are an efficient way to create prototypes for serious projects. Working in your trusty code editor is way more efficient.

Is AirControl an official Tailwind Labs LLC product?
AirControl is not associated with Tailwind Labs LLC. AirControl is developed by and based on the open-source Tailwind CSS framework.

Can I See a preview before I buy AirControl?
The preview page is not yet ready - coming soon Yes, we made a preview page for AirControl where you can see a screenshot of all Tailwind CSS components currently included in AirControl.

Does AirControl come with a license?
Yes, see our licenses page. Basically don’t use AirControl for creating competing products like: page builders or selling themes and component packs.

If have another question, how do I contact you?
Please send us an email at [email protected]


See the changes we make on AirControl, the Admin theme for Tailwind CSS.

Version 0.1 - Coming July 30


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